My Favorite Email Productivity Hack: A One-Two Punch

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day, right? You feel like you’re in the middle of an email storm and it’s impossible to find your way out.

Until today.

A few years ago I was turned onto a tool called Follow Up Then, and loved how it allowed me to automate when I follow up with someone (for free!). If I want to make sure I reach out to someone next week, I just have to bcc “” and next week it’ll pop back in my inbox. Done and out of my mind.

But then I added a piece to this email management puzzle, almost by accident, really.

We do a lot of process automation here at Stickboy, but I was honestly surprised at how well this was working for my email productivity. What was the trick?

Adding a calendar.


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3 Things A Business Metrics Dashboard Needs To Be Awesome

Graphic with text 3 Things A Business Metrics Dashboard Needs To Be AwesomeDo you want your business tools to be second-rate?

No! You want them to be awesome! You want your company to be using the most streamlined and modern software around, and your dashboards should be no different.

When building your business metrics dashboard, there are nearly an unlimited number of things that it can do.

But the important thing is to focus on what it should do.

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Workflow Automation Software’s Hidden Benefits

Workflow-Automation-Softwares-Hidden-BenefitsThere’s a lot of benefits to software automation.

Beyond the obvious gains like efficiency, more profitable employees, and better quality control, there are some hidden a little deeper if you look past the surface.

When weighing your options on automating your workflows, it’s important to be informed on what else can happen to your company. How can you make sure you’re picking the right software, or weighing the costs correctly?

You want to stay competitive in your market, automating your workflows is a great way to do it. This post will show you more benefits that you should know about.

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Automated Scheduling: How To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Automated-Scheduling--Shorten-Your-Sales-CycleImagine what would happen to your revenue if your sales cycle was shorter.

How many more sales could you close in a quarter? What would happen to your sales funnel if leads were converting faster?

What if you could eliminate one time-consuming aspect of the ‘back and forth’ that happens with scheduling new leads and get them on the phone faster? Not only that but what if they worked out the schedule for you?

What is it? Automated scheduling.

How do you do it? With a single link.

Intrigued? Read on.
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What Workflow Automation Software Won’t Solve: The Best 3 Examples

Graphic with text What Workflow Automation Software Wont Solve The Best 3 ExamplesYou know that automating your workflows can raise the ceiling on your business’ growth.

But workflow automation software is only as smart as the foundation that built it. 

Here’s the thing: before you even begin looking to automate your processes, you need to make sure these three things aren’t lurking in the background.

Because no matter how hard you try, workflow automation software won’t solve them.
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The Big 3 Benefits of Business Process Automation [Video]

What if you could increase efficiency, decrease mistakes, and gain valuable insight into the functions of your business? The answer is called Business Process Automation, and it’s benefits can help you reach your business goals in record time.

If you picture one of your business’s processes, it seems simple enough: get customer approval, send to legal, copy accounts and marketing, once approved send to the project managers, etc. Each of these steps is probably done by a person who is responsible for moving that item along the chain.


The problem is that humans are flawed. Many businesses are finding ways to automate this workflow and streamline their processes from manually to automatically driven. Watch our video below as we break down 3 big benefits of business process automation.

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