3 Things A Business Metrics Dashboard Needs To Be Awesome

Graphic with text 3 Things A Business Metrics Dashboard Needs To Be AwesomeDo you want your business tools to be second-rate?

No! You want them to be awesome! You want your company to be using the most streamlined and modern software around, and your dashboards should be no different.

When building your business metrics dashboard, there are nearly an unlimited number of things that it can do.

But the important thing is to focus on what it should do.

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Google’s “Intrusive Interstitials” Penalty Was Announced – Will It Affect You?

Googles-Intrusive-Interstitials-Penalty-Was-Announced---Will-It-Affect-YouI bet this probably annoys you.

You click on a link in Google to read something awesome, and before you can read the content you get this giant …thing… in the way holding that poor, defenseless content hostage unless you agree to sign up for something or watch a countdown with an ad.

They’re called “intrusive interstitials”, and it turns out Google doesn’t like them either. So it’s going to penalize sites that use them.

If your site uses these or something like this, you’ll want to make sure you’re clear of Google’s rules, or you could see your rankings take a hit.

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Workflow Automation Software’s Hidden Benefits

Workflow-Automation-Softwares-Hidden-BenefitsThere’s a lot of benefits to software automation.

Beyond the obvious gains like efficiency, more profitable employees, and better quality control, there are some hidden a little deeper if you look past the surface.

When weighing your options on automating your workflows, it’s important to be informed on what else can happen to your company. How can you make sure you’re picking the right software, or weighing the costs correctly?

You want to stay competitive in your market, automating your workflows is a great way to do it. This post will show you more benefits that you should know about.

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Automated Scheduling: How To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Automated-Scheduling--Shorten-Your-Sales-CycleImagine what would happen to your revenue if your sales cycle was shorter.

How many more sales could you close in a quarter? What would happen to your sales funnel if leads were converting faster?

What if you could eliminate one time-consuming aspect of the ‘back and forth’ that happens with scheduling new leads and get them on the phone faster? Not only that but what if they worked out the schedule for you?

What is it? Automated scheduling.

How do you do it? With a single link.

Intrigued? Read on.
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Your Business Metrics Dashboard Done Right: 5 Things It Needs

Graphic with text: Your Business Metrics Dashboard Done Right: 5 Things It NeedsYou need to know what’s going on in your business to get the most out of it.

That means data. All the measurable data flowing through your business are known as “metrics”, and being able to track these is vital to ensuring your key performance indicators (KPIs) are meeting their goals.

A business metrics dashboard can give you up-to-the-minute updates on the status of your critical company data.

But in a sea of options to weigh, how do you make sure that you’re focusing on the right features for your dashboard?

This blog post will show you.

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What Workflow Automation Software Won’t Solve: The Best 3 Examples

Graphic with text What Workflow Automation Software Wont Solve The Best 3 ExamplesYou know that automating your workflows can raise the ceiling on your business’ growth.

But workflow automation software is only as smart as the foundation that built it. 

Here’s the thing: before you even begin looking to automate your processes, you need to make sure these three things aren’t lurking in the background.

Because no matter how hard you try, workflow automation software won’t solve them.
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How SMART Marketing Objectives Can Improve Your Website Performance

How SMART Marketing Objectives Can Improve Your Website PerformanceHaving good goals for your marketing campaigns are vital to success.

You want to aim for something ambitious, but attainable. You’ll need to base it on data you collect as well as within a timeline you can meet. How can you possibly make sure you have all of these?

Using SMART marketing objectives will get you there, and more.

In this post, we’ll go over what SMART marketing objectives are, and how they can help you improve your website performance.

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What Is A KPI Dashboard?

What is a kpi dashboardEvery business wants efficiency.

Businesses like yours use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the performance of their company. The problem many businesses run into is not just identifying what these are, but also being overwhelmed with the numbers being thrown at them.

What if you could, in seconds, know exactly how efficient your entire business is at any time, from any place?

You can. It’s called a KPI dashboard.

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Why User Experience (UX) Matters in B2B Software

Graphic with text: Why User Experience UX Matters in B2B SoftwareEveryone loves to use a well-designed app.

Consumer apps get all the love and adoration. And why not? They have to succeed on their own and the competition is fierce.

So a great design and a stellar experience is key to a consumer app’s success.

But why isn’t B2B software given any love?

You probably have that same picture in your head of an endless stream of bland, gray menus with boring icons. The reason why is because too many companies don’t care about this.

What does this mean? An easy way for your software to stand out from the crowd.

But that’s not the only reason. Well-designed B2B software improves efficiency, makes for happier customers, and increases sales. We’ll show you why in this blog post.

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7 Ways Business Dashboard Software Can Change A Manager’s Life

7-Ways-Business-Dashboard-Software-Can-Change-A-Managers-LifeIt feels great “being in the zone”, doesn’t it?

You’re completely aware of everything going on in your company; deadlines are met, everything is under budget, you’re firing on all cylinders.

You -> Zone. Don’t you wish it could be like this more often? Not just for you, but everyone at your company? Here’s the deal: it can.

Imagine having one place where all of the information you need to do your job is available and waiting for you. You can have a personal assistant that can get you up to speed on everything you need to be a rock star in your industry.

It’s called business dashboard software, and it and visually reports the status of different areas of your business in one place. Think of it like a car dashboard: it’s showing you your speed, engine temperature, amount of gas, engine revs, mileage, and alerts you of any issues that may arise.

You can have that for your business as well, and here are 7 ways it can change your life.

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